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My Lovely Daughter

My Lovely Daughter is an alchemist simulator that explores the depth of a father’s grief and how far he will go to resurrect his daughter.

Wayhaven Chronicles: Book One

Your first case as a detective is forcing you to open your eyes to a world bigger than you thought. Or maybe it’s better to keep them closed. Seems the supernatural didn’t get the memo that nothing exciting ever happens in the little town of Wayhaven.


A mix between Metroid, Portal, Mario and Zelda. Find secrets, fight monsters, find more secrets, get new abilities, unlock new regions, solve puzzles, find secrets again, get upgrades and find secrets.

Swaps and Traps

Ready to get lost in a single screen? Ready to prove your platformer skills? • Divider will swap, rotate, flip your world! • Welcome to an experience you’ve never seen before!

Cendric v1.0.3

Cendric combines RPG and Platformer elements in one game, featuring both a sidescroller and top-down view. The player follows the story of a boy with no memory and discovers the magical but dangerous world of Admantris.


This is a game with features that are more girl-appealing. Gameplay is like an fascinating novel, in which your choices will influence all, including all different endings.