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The adventure of Kroos

The adventures of Kroos is a magic style 2D horizontal action adventure game. Rich and interesting BOSS warfare, sophisticated design agencies, and plot scenarios closely linked to the puzzle design, in addition to testing the player’s operation, but also to seriously consider the strategy of clearance.

Pixel To The West

Pixel To The West is a fantastic indie 3D adventure game based on classic literature Journey To The West , they meet the space-disorder on the way of their journey.The mysterious space make them fall into the 3D world from the 2D pixel world.

Hangry Bunnies From Mars VR

Face off against an invading horde of adorable little killers with a serious case of mankind munchies! Join the Critter Death Squad and arm yourself to the teeth with epic transforming weapons that will help you fight to keep New Los Angeles off the dinner menu!

Child Of Ault VR

Child Of Ault is a tower-defense/shooter hybrid, with an emphasis on presence and presentation. In the game, you play the role of boy who uses his magical toy weapons to protect against dark forces.

Temple Raid VR

Temple Raid VR is a classic exploration game developed specifically for VR. The call of a timeless guardian draws you into an ancient temple, where you can discover a great treasure that has been undisturbed for 10,000 years!