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Rapid Tap

Enjoy a fun, grid tapping game that gets faster the more you play. See how long you can last tapping the flashing buttons. Now with a bunch of fun skins!

The Bears And The Bees

The Bears And The Bees is a debut adventure that follows the heroic exploits of Beesworth, a baby bee who hasn’t got his wings yet. Bounce through a hand crafted world in which bears have kidnapped the queen bee, and everyone is relying on Beesworth to get her back!

The Scent of Summer

This is a short story of a boy and girl in elementary school 6th grade in Japan. You can experience to go back home from school with a girlfriend who goes the same cram school in the early summer evening. Special things don’t happen but you can being with a girlfriend in a sentimental atmosphere of dusk.


D.R.I.L.L. is the first part of our VR wellbeing platform DynamixVR, made available to the public. Ship your space cargo through the galaxy, protect it from pirates, defend your base while completing a pain-relief VR exercise specially good for your shoulders and upper back. No more routine, just fun.


Roun is a free to play, online, fantasy themed, role playing card game for PC.



Clark | HOOVA VR

Hoova, a room-scale VR experience, explores a dark, dystopian future and investigates topics of isolation, dependency and identity in Virtual Reality.

The Beanstalk

The Beanstalk is a virtual reality fairytale experienced based around the classic, “Jack and the Beanstalk.” It’s a student project created by a team at BYU Provo, and now we’re releasing it so that you can try it out for free.

YangBo Adventure

YangBo Adventure是一款結合劇情、遊戲和3D環場影片的方式來介紹朝陽科技大學特色的校園導覽遊戲,遊戲內容是在學校的六棟大樓裡闖關,每一棟大樓都有不同的遊戲內容、劇情和環場影片,玩家可以在遊玩中就可以了解到朝陽科技大學的特色。